Tuesday, August 14, 2012

On Waldo's Pond

I hadn't lived here but a couple of months when my friend, Phyllis, came to visit.  Up until now, her version of Oklahoma had been the same as mine . . . flat, flat and flat.  As it turned out, we were wrong, wrong and wrong.

The acreage that I now called home had great topography, plenty of land for pasturing my horses, and it had this incredible pond.

Just a few hours into her stay, we found ourselves relaxing by the pond.  It didn't take long before she suggested that we give my new home a name.


Our first thought was, "On Walden's Pond."  Wouldn't work.  Already taken.
Our second thought, "On Golden Pond."  Also taken.

Then along came the resident cat, full of himself, enjoying life.  His personality was gentle, yet fearless.

I had acquired this cat along with the purchase of the property.  This may have been the first time in history where there was a specific "cat contingency" clause in the offer.  The sellers agreed it was the right thing to do.  It was, after all,  his home.

"Phyllis, this is my new cat.  His name is Waldo."

Phyllis and I looked at each other, and in unison we said, "On Waldo's Pond!"  And so it is.

Over the years, this pond, which I thought would only be used for swimming the horses, has been a resource for paddle-boating, swimming , fishing, dog training, and just plain cooling off.

It has also served as a backdrop for about a bazillion photos.

And where's Waldo?  He's in cat heaven.

But he left his legacy:  "Be gentle.  Be fearless.  Enjoy life!"

Indeed, Waldo.  Indeed!

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