Thursday, June 7, 2012

Large Hail, Damaging Winds . . . and Thunder!!!

Here in the Midwest--and specifically Oklahoma--there are four seasons:  Summer, Fall, Winter, and Wild.

Just last week, I was running for cover as the softball-sized hail was heading in my direction.  This is, after all, the Spring Season, and anything can happen.

Fifteen minutes of enormous hail can do a lot of damage . . . broken windows, battered roofs, shattered windshields.

In a good year, we will get rain, the grass will turn green, the ponds will fill up, and we will hear Thunder.

I'm talking Oklahoma City Thunder!!!

This NBA team joined our city about four years ago, and they have been pivotal in transforming this once fly-over city into a vibrant, why-don't-you-consider-coming-here type of destination.

We could not be more proud.

It has been a long time since the sports world has seen a team like this.  They are young, energetic and honest.  They play as if they were a catch team made up of neighborhood kids.  If they have egos, it is not apparent to their fans.  And their fans are many.

It is Spring here in the Midwest.  We expect the tornadoes, the winds, and the hail.  And when there is lightning, there is thunder.

It is Wild!  Bring on the Thunder!!!

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