Thursday, January 26, 2012

What is it About a Horse?

I was born without a horse.  From the moment I could talk, I began asking--no, begging--for a horse.  Yet, birthday after birthday, and Christmas after Christmas would come and go, and still no horse.

"You'll never take care of a horse," my mother said.  What did she know?  Of course I would take care of it!

Marriage and children would take up the next twenty years.  And while I still dreamed of having a horse, there was no time or money for such a luxury.  I may have stopped talking about it, but I never let it go.  I was convinced my time would come.
. . .
It is a common fact that you can learn a lot from looking into a horse's eye.  It will reflect everything you need to know; fear, caution, anger, anxiety and tension.  It also reflects kindness and wisdom.  And if you're lucky, it will reflect your soul.
. . .
I had sixteen years with my "horse-of-a-lifetime."  Sixteen years of morning feeds, evening feeds, mucking stalls, mending fences.  Then there was the fox hunting, trail riding, parades, and even stage performances.  You name it, we did it.
. . .
He is gone now.  There are still times when I can hear my mother say,"You'll never take care of it."

You were right, Mom.  I would  never take care of him.

As it turns out, he would take care of me.

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