Monday, October 17, 2011

The Oklahoma Derby Hat-Trick

More often than not, I will sign myself up for something before giving it the "once-over."  Such is the story of the Oklahoma Derby.

Three days prior to the actual event, I was asked to fill in for someone who was unable to attend.  The "hat" would be supplied by her friend.  All I had to do was rustle up the chutzpa to actually wear it in public.  With hat in hand, so to speak, and wearing clothing I borrowed from my friend, I was off to the races!

Since I arrived solo, I was feeling a bit out of place.  But any hesitation about my decision to attend was whisked away after I heard the first, "I like your hat," from an unknown admirer.  Now I was good to go!

It was truly a parade of hats--creative, inspiring, colorful--ranging in size from petite to outlandishly large, and worn by women of all ages.  Some were whimsical, others glamorous.

As I looked around, I thought to myself, "I could so do this!"  I can come up with an idea, find a few unsuspecting friends, fashion-up a hat for each of them, and take the Spring Derby by storm!

Anyway . . . back to this Derby:

Pictures were taken.  Categories were selected.  The judging was about to begin.

To cut to the chase, I did not win, place or show. 

BUT . . . the woman who had made my hat?  Well . . . she pretty much cleaned house when it came to the awards.  Her daughter-in-law won "best ensemble,"  Her close friend won another award for creativity.  And she (who had made both of their hats as well as her own), she won best overall! 

Now that's a hat-trick!

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